Wrightb7 Challenge 11 Web Page!

My name is Brad Wright I am a student at Miami University and am building this website for my ECE 102 class as part our challenge 11 assignment, we are using HTML and CSS to build this website and learn more about the website building process.

Some of the hobbies I have include:


The Nissan 240sx is one of my favorite cars (which is why I own 2) They are both project cars, which means they spend more time broke than they do running

once in finished with school I hope to be able to take them to the track and have a bit of fun with them

Video Games

I also enjoy playing video games on my PC, which i build to do specifically that!

Parts ive used to build it include

  1. Nivida GTX1070 TI
  2. corsair 750W Power supply
  3. Nvme 500gb SSD
  4. Ryzen 7 2700x